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Unlock ClassMarker's Potential for Business and Education

Customize exams for different learner cohorts.

Michael uses ClassMarker's customizable test settings and Question Bank to craft diverse versions of the same test, each uniquely tailored to meet the needs of different learner groups.

Topics: Randomization / Question Bank / Categories / Test settings

Integrate tests into your organization's system.

Jasmine leverages ClassMarker's API and Webhooks to integrate exams into the organization's platform. Results are automatically exported to a spreadsheet for easy team sharing.

Topics: API / Webhooks / Zapier

Identify top-performing candidates.

Santiago boosts recruitment with password-protected tests to identify top candidates. Results are seamlessly integrated into the organization's HR system, for streamlined talent assessment.

Topics: Access lists / API

Improve pass scores using mock exams.

Aisha attains a remarkable 98% pass rate using mock exams. By simulating real exam conditions, students enhance their performance abilities, and best of all, NO TEST CREDITS ARE USED.

Topics: Learning methods

Assign different administrator roles to boost efficiency.

Jacob optimizes team workflow efficiency by strategically assigning a variety of administrative roles and account permissions.

Topics: Administrators

Create a survey with ClassMarker.

Stephania modifies exam settings to create surveys with ClassMarker.

Topics: Settings

Use Micro Tests to make learning more engaging.

Instead of lengthy exams, George frequently administers micro-tests to boost engagement and make learning more enjoyable for his team.

Topics: Micro-learning

Share results to demonstrate results!

Marcia enhances her training program's effectiveness by integrating user IDs with test results. Results are exported in real-time to the organization's website to demonstrate impact.

Topics: Results exporting / integrations

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