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Create test conditions that get the best results for your business or educational organization.

At the same time, ClassMarker's flexible features create easy-to-use, zero-confusion exam environments that your test users will love.

Limit Attempts

Limit the number of attempts allowed over a 24-hour period to stop cheating.

Optionally, set a common password for all exam takers so only those who know it can access your exam.

Using ClassMarker, you can also implement an absolute number of attempts per test user using the access list feature.

Save and resume

Use the save and resume feature when you want to measure knowledge or skill but not how fast it is demonstrated.

This allows test takers to create their own ClassMarker account with their choice of password so they can stop and resume their test at a later date if required.


ClassMarker allows you to have the ultimate flexibility with your exams:

  • Specify how many questions will appear on each test page.
  • Show the number of points to be awarded for each question.
  • Display the category for each question: You can create categories for your questions in your Question Bank. This option displays the category for each question during the test to your test takers and on the test results page.


To create optimal outcomes, ClassMarker will give you maximum control over how test users engage with your tests.

  • Make questions optional or mandatory.
  • Auto-finish the test if a question is answered incorrectly.
  • Show instant review and feedback after each question.
  • Reveal correct answers during the test preview.
  • Allow test users to go back and change answers during the test.
  • Allow test users to bookmark questions to revisit during the test.
  • Allow browser spell-checking.

With the instant review and change answers feature, test takers can review gradings and re-attempt questions during the test to achieve 100% - highly recommended for improving learning!

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Can users skip quiz questions?

Yes. With ClassMarker, you can:

  • Allow quiz takers to skip quiz questions and bookmark them to answer later,
  • Enable skipping questions without letting test takers go back to previous questions,
  • Or restrict users from skipping questions.

ClassMarker gives you complete control over how your users navigate tests!

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