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Discover powerful advanced settings that help you get the best results for your organization.

Save results

Toggle between saving or not saving results for each test you create.

Switching off save results means you do not use any of your account credits - great for practice testing or online test demos.

Save results to use certificates, webhooks, email results and return links features.

Printing / copy and paste

Minimize cheating by disabling printing and copy and paste so test users are less likely to copy text from a third-party site.

You can also disable printing so test users cannot share your questions with others.

Record IP address

You can record your test user's IP address upon exam registration.

This gives you peace of mind that the test users taking online exams are your intended users, not others.

Require ID

Make cheating less likely by assigning a unique user ID for each test taker.

Now, ClassMarker will not allow any test taker to take your test without the corresponding user ID.

Optionally, you can apply the 'Attempts Allowed' feature per user ID. This minimizes the chances of someone guessing a user ID by allowing them only a pre-set number of attempts.

For example, you could choose two attempts. If a user fails to enter the correct ID twice, even if the correct ID is entered on the third attempt, it will be rejected.


Use our webhooks to connect your quizzes and tests to your website. Embed exams on websites such as WordPress or Google sites, as well as test results to your website in real time.

View our API & Webhooks Documentation to learn more.

Return link

Use the return links feature to auto-direct your test takers to another website (e.g., further reading, how to get in contact, dispute results, etc.

Or redirect your test takers to another test to create a seamless test-taking process.

View our step-by-step tutorials to discover more about ClassMarker's flexible features.

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What advanced anti-cheating measures do you offer?

ClassMarkers offers you cutting-edge measures to minimize cheating. Choose some or all from copy & paste disablement, print disablement, IP address recording, and unique user ID creation.

How do I integrate exams on websites?

A webhook typically connects two applications. When an event happens on the first application, data is sent via the webhook to the second application.

In this case, the first application is ClassMarker. Using webhooks, ClassMarker can send your exam data to your website. This allows you to embed exams on websites such as WordPress or Google sites, as well as test results to your website in real time.

View our API & Webhooks Documentation to learn more.

Can I try advanced features for free?

Absolutely! Create your free trial account now your account now and get 30 days to make an unlimited number of tests.

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