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Creating and grading quizzes is essential to the educational and training process. It helps evaluate student's knowledge and understanding of a particular topic. However, traditional scoring methods can sometimes be insufficient and fail to consider the complexities of specific questions. With some questions, there is not always just one correct answer. That's where online quiz maker grading with partial scores comes in.

Let's have a look at the different grading options that ClassMarker offers.
  • Traditional Grading: This is the traditional way to grade a quiz, it's like tough love, for sure. There is no in-between with this grading. If the question is answered correctly, total points are given. If the answer is wrong, the points given are 0. This is the standard grading style used for questions with one correct answer.
  • Partial Grading: This type of grading gives partial credit for multiple answer questions and includes distinct partial grading options. These options include delivering total points for selecting all correct answers and 0 points if incorrect answers are selected, giving partial points for each correct answer with no deductions for incorrect answers, and the love/hate partial grading option of giving points for each correct answer but deducting points for each wrong answer selected.
  • Manual Essay Question Grading: These questions often require manual grading, aka custom grading. Unlike multiple-choice or short-answer questions, there is no predetermined correct answer. Grading essay questions need the evaluator to assess the response given. This type of grading can be time-consuming, but it can provide valuable insights into a student or employee's vital thinking skills and capability to communicate effectively.

Did you Know? With ClassMarker, you can edit grades manually online by going into the user's individual results page and editing the points for a specific question for that one user. The results will be then updated automatically. You can edit the point value for an answer given for any question type in ClassMarker, as long as an answer has been given.

Now let's look more closely at partial grading for multiple-response questions.

You will see the partial grade style options when you add or edit your multiple-response questions in your account.
  1. Off - Full points for full correct answer, zero points if an error is made. Example; Question includes 3 correct answers with a point value of 3. If all 3 correct answers are not selected, the Test taker receives 0 points.
  2. Partial points with deduction - Remove partial points for incorrect answers. Example; Question includes 6 possible answer options with 3 correct answers with a total point value of 3. The Test taker has selected 2 correct answers which will give them 2 points. They select 1 incorrect answer option which deducts 1 point from the 2 points given. They then will have 1 point for this question.
  3. Partial points without deduction: Do not remove points for incorrect answers. Example; A question with 3 correct answer options out of 6 possible answers has a total point value of 3. If the Test taker selects 1 answer correctly, they receive 1 point.

Please note: With "Partial scoring without deduction," ClassMarker will limit the number of answer options selected to prevent a user from choosing all answers. If you do not want to restrict the answer choices, choose 'Off' or 'Partial points with deduction.'

Partial grading in online quizzes offers a more flexible and comprehensive approach to grading quizzes. It acknowledges partial understanding, encourages critical thinking, and accurately assesses students' learning.

Register Here to begin using ClassMarker and see just how easy it is to apply different grading options within your Tests, quizzes, exams, surveys and assessments.

Happy Testing!

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