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ClassMarker's easy-to-use Online Quiz maker software allows you to select any combination of settings to suit your Online Testing requirements.

ClassMarker is flexible and allows you to update Exam settings at any time to change how Exams are taken.

Review some of the custom settings available to you. Give Exams online, with the control you require.

Test Access


Option 1

Currently: Tip

Option 2

Dates and times will apply to your timezone.Tip




3 attempts allowed
Limit the number of attempts allowed.

Users can each have their own username and password, or you can create an Access Control List to limit who can access your exam with a Direct Link


Optional: Set a password when giving Tests via Links.

Note: When giving Tests via Groups, each user has a separate Username and Password and will log in via our Homepage to access Tests assigned to their group.

See Test Access for the difference between Groups and Links


No Charge
You can optionally charge a price for your Online Test and get Paid Instantly
Pricing details are only seen on Tests if you are charging. Tip

If you are required to include TAX information, use the TAX Details field.
Note: TAX should be "included" in the Price you set.

Example: Inc 10% TAX

This will display with the price, and in the PDF Receipt if you are giving Receipts via ClassMarker.

days Tip
Important PayPal requirements?

This is the Paypal email address that payments will be sent to.

The email address you select here must be registered with a Verified PayPal Premier or Business account, otherwise payment will not be accepted by PayPal and your Test cannot be taken.

You can add a new email address to select here via your My account page, see the Add Emails section.

Custom Payment Instructions
When do Payment Instructions display?

These instructions are seen when Test takers first go to this Link and see the Price you have set.
(These instructions are only displayed if you are charging for this Test).

Create online Test Question editor
Your Organizations Address and Contact information
Create online Test Question editor

Purchase Receipts

About receipts?

You can always download receipts from your Test takers results page if you wish to send them out later.

You can also allow Test takers to download their receipt after paying.

Receipts will display:
1. Your Logo (Select below)
2. Your organizations details (Add above)
3. The Price (and Tax information, Set above) and Date
4. The purchase description (Set below)
5. The Tests takers Name and Email
6. Invoice ID from Paypal
Download a sample PDF Receipt


Example Logo


Select Test interface language:

Test Introduction

Save User Info Require:

When logged in you can create extra Questions for information collection purposes such as:

What is your Course ID?
What is your Employee ID?
What department do you work in?

Note: When giving Tests via Groups, users are not asked for these details because they will already be registered.

See Test Access for the difference between Groups and Links


Guidelines Tip

Guidelines will reflect your chosen settings.

This Test:

* Will allow you to save and finish at a later date
* Has a time limit of 20 minutes
* Will not allow you to go back and change your answers
* Will finish if you get any Questions incorrect
* Has a pass mark of 85%

Custom instructions (optional) Tip
Create online Test Question editor

Taking Test

Time Limit

20 minutes

Resume Later



Organization Theme

Themes can be used to brand your Tests (with logo and/or colors).

Test Questions

Per page

Questions per page Tip




Mandatory: Tip
Instant review: Tip
Change answers: Tip
Questions can be Bookmarked Tip

Test Completion

Results Page

Score, Feedback, Questions, Category results
Upon completion Test takers can see:
Score: Tip
Feedback: Tip
Questions: Tip
Categories: Tip

Pass Mark &

Feedback Set

Pass Mark & Feedback are optional

% Tip

Test completed message: Show on pass

Create online Test Question editor

Test completed message: Show on fail

Create online Test Question editor


Show always on completion


Email Results

Email score, and all answered Questions

Instructor Email Settings

Have results emailed to Instructor

Email settings:

Send emails to:

Test Taker Email Settings

Email results to Test Takers Tip Turn off

Score: Tip
Feedback: Tip
Questions: Tip
Categories: Tip
Send Emails:
Automatically: Will allow you to select to have results emailed on completion or after a particular date and time.



More settings are available when you are logged in.

View Screenshots in our User Manual.

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Your Question Bank

All Questions you save in ClassMarker are stored in your Question bank.

This means you can:

  • Reuse Questions across multiple Tests
  • Have Questions selected at random from your Question Bank, each time a Test is started.
  • Archive unused Questions

ClassMarker Question Bank Example

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Format Quiz Questions and more

Professionally format your Tests introduction, Questions and Feedback using our Rich Text Editor. You can also upload files, images, video and audio, along with links to external websites and resources such as PowerPointTM documents. You can also Embed YouTube and, Vimeo and Soundcloud files directly into your Questions.

Screenshot of the Quiz Maker

View Multiple Choice Question Editor

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ClassMarker is Flexible

Not only do you have full control over how a Test is taken, but you can re-assign the same test to be taken by different groups of users with completely different settings each time. For example: You could set a different time limit for Group A and change the level of feedback shown for Group B.

You can also save time by defining preferred settings which can automatically be applied by default each time you assign a Test to be taken.

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ClassMarker is accessible and works in all major browsers

ClassMarker's online-testing system works across all major operating systems, web browsers and devices. There are no software installations required and our Test taker's interface has been built to meet 508 compliance, working with both screen readers and magnifiers. Teachers, Schools, Universities and Businesses can easily create Exams and Quizzes with our online assessment tool which can be taken by their students across all popular platforms.

  • Desktop: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, ChromeOS/Chromebook
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Portable: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and more
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Can I define my own combination of settings above?

Yes, you have full control over the settings you chose for each of your exams.

Can I add my own custom questions?

Yes, you can create your own custom questions for your online exams.

What access limitations can I use?

ClassMarker gives you multiple options to control access to your exams:

  • Public access
  • Date and Time restrictions
  • Password Protection
  • Username / Password
  • Access lists

Can I define a pass mark and then direct users to a web page upon test completion?

Yes, you can have test takers return to your own website URLs based on a pass or fail result.

For a full list of FAQs, go to our FAQ page.

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